Ham Kiem 1 Industrial
Binh Minh Industrial
Hoang Quan pioneering social housing development in the HCM city & the South, contributing to meet the needs settled of ...
Wishing to cultivate knowledge, Hoang Quan has invested efforts in the field of education in many useful activities and ...
With outstanding achievements, Hoang Quan is firmly become a strong financial organization, reputation in the market...
  • Grandora Tower Luxury Apartment
    Villas and Luxury Apartment Grandora Tower has a total sites area is 4990.7...
  • Social Housing - HQC Plaza
    Proceed hand over apartments to customers in the block HQ1, HQ2
  • Social Housing - HQC Hoc Mon
    Completion of the rough, under construction last items to hand over apartments
  • Binh Minh Industrial Park
    Inauguration of the wastewater treatment plant scale 0.94ha serving the...
  • Ham Kiem 1 Industrial Park
    Complete infrastructure, land ready to build companies and factories.
  • Golden King
    Handover time: Quarter 4/2017
  • Binh Minh Port
    Bình Minh port was built on the left wayside the Hau River in Binh Minh...
  • Mekong River Delta University Urban Area
    Located on National Highway No. 91C, within Thanh Hue – Thanh My Resettlement...

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